👋, my name is

Sean Leng.

I am a Software Engineer

Based in Singapore. Specialize in software, web, games and mobile development and have a strong interest in Artificial Intelligence and web technologies. Recently learning new skills such as reverse engineering and docker.


Teaching Assistant @ Buildspace

Nov 2021 - Nov 2023
  1. Created frontend for multiple project templates.
  2. Wrote a subgraph to guide users on how to query the blockchain.
  3. Worked very closely with the main team to coordinate project contents
  4. Assist users who have encounter problems during their development


The Infinite Machine Movie

A Ethereum movie based on the book 'The Infinite Machine'.


OpenBook Dex

A rebuild of Serum protocol.


Mighty Jaxx Dashboard

A full-stack web application that allows user to manage inventory. Login details for the website. Email: admin@admin.com, Password: password


CryptoPunks NFT

A Next.js frontend to fetch CryptoPunks NFT collection and all it's market data.


Dark Planet

A Next.js frontend to allow players to interact with our GameFi project. DarkPlanet is a strategy game based on Andre Cronje’s Rarity contract. It is an independent third-party game with the main line of universe exploration. The game is inspired by the sci-fi novel series called ‘The Three Body Problem’, which was written by a Chinese writer, Liu Cixin. So, Sci-fi is the style of the game. Each player will have a summoner, whose purpose is to collect energy in order to survive. and in the process, there is a risk of exposure. Combining with the law of the dark forest, the exposed summoners will have a battle, the higher the energy, the greater probability of winning. The resources of the losers will be plundered.



A frontend demo done for a friend


Gunfu Master

A 2D knock out arena game where 2 players fight their way to the top. Includes a custom map editor

Unity 3DPhotoshop


A cryptocurrency monitoring progressive web application



FixDAO is a community of users who were affected by the FTX saga. Join us in creating a safe space for the future of Web3