👋, my name is

Sean Leng.

I am a Software Engineer

Based in Singapore. Specialize in software, web, games and mobile development and have a strong interest in Artificial Intelligence and web technologies. Recently learning new skills such as reverse engineering and docker.


Web Developer @ SAF Seaferry Website

May 2020 - Jun 2020
  1. Created a website for people and contractors to easily view ferry timings and announcements
  2. Website had a very basic design as it is only meant for viewing purposes
  3. All announcements are stored in a databased in MongoDB


SAF Seaferry Web Application

A single page web app for helping my colleagues to create announcements for my Unit. In the past, for people to view ferry timings or any announcements related to sea ferry, my unit is required to disseminate information to everyone in Pulau Tekong via WhatsApp and Email which requires a lot of time and effort and with the limited number of computer we have in the office, it will only slow down the process. I ended up building this application to help speed up the process by requiring only 1 personnel to be in charge of updating the website and uploading the information so that anyone can be updated on the latest information for sea ferry.


MoviesDB Web Application

A web application to help users discover new and upcoming movies as well as adding reviews to the movies they watch. This was initially our school project where we were tasks to pick a topic and create an analytics page for us to visualise the data. Our team decided on creating a moviesDB as we realise that many people enjoy watching movies during Covid lockdown period. With this, we have come up with an analytics page to monitor the user's usage of the site such as adding reviews, adding movies to wishlist etc.


RethinkDB Demo

An application to better understand the usage of RethinkDB. We built a simple application to demo the use of RethinkDB via sockets. It's a real time leaderboard to showcase how a real time application made use of SocketIO and RethinkDB to provide users with real time updates to the leaderboard.


JokerEsports Website

A web application built for JokerEsports to allow others to better understand what the team does.


Gunfu Master

A 2D knock out arena game where 2 players fight their way to the top. Includes a custom map editor

Unity 3DPhotoshop

Genshin Impact Discord Bot

A discord bot to get the latest info, news and events for my server



A cryptocurrency monitoring progressive web application